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Authorise new claimants

Once claimants have created an account using self registration, for security reasons they need to be authorised so that the claimant can process any claims created. This is done by an Administrator of the system.

User authorisation

To do this, use the User Profile link within Administration, this will give a list of all user profiles awaiting authorisation.

User profile

On selecting the Edit link, the details entered by the claimant and from the static data already set in the system (details of this are in the final section of the screen).

Claimant details

All fields in yellow are mandatory and need to be completed in order to save the profile.

The details section looks for:

Personnel or payroll number if required.

Employment start date.

Authorising manager who will authorise claims for this user.

The department field, like division may be renamed to something used in your business, this is a drop down field for additional coding.

Claimant details (2)

Once any amendments have been made, click on the Mark as approved link, then Save to store the details.

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